Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, one week and one day has passed since I completed the Perth Marathon. Every so often I have to stop and pinch myself to realize that it wasn't a dream, that I really did it. Then I walk and my still blistered feet tell me how real it was. Every step I take reminds me of every step I took, I feel more than ready to start training again, but my feet are saying let's have a few more days.
And what to train for, I have a vague idea that I might like to do a half.... Marathon later in the year, but how soon I'm not sure.
As for the future of this blog, well I'm not sure there either, it's served me well, a great way to get my thoughts out about my journey to become a marathon runner, now that I'm there I'm not sure of it's usefulness. I'm sure I'll think of something.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Broken Bricks

Well I said I'd post last night but one thing and another and here we are it's Monday.Of course it's Monday I'm in pain,tired and have blisters as big as Gary Ablett's wallet, but I have a couple of other things, I have a medal that says I've finished a marathon and I have a massive sense of achievement.
I also have a huge amount of gratitude for the people who helped me and encouraged me. Clearly Tracy has been 100% with me, it's just not possible to do these sorts of things without your family onside. Abbey has also been a huge support.
On the day I cannot go past the massive support that Adam Crawley gave, riding along with me carrying drinks & gels and constantly encouraging. My only criticism is that he tried to talk me into a half ironman next, no way mate, no way. Adam also provided awesome assistance to one of my fellow marathoners,Julie McDonald, who was struggling towards the end of the freeway leg, with Adam's encouragement she beat me by 23 seconds in what has to be the worlds slowest photo finish. I just had no energy to catch her, let alone pass her, though if anyone asks I did the right thing and let the lady go first.
Colin Prior, Jeremy Savage & Kelly Underwood all joined me in the last vital stages and all made me feel pretty good on the last few k's(other than the fact that I felt like crap they did a top job)
My fitness journey has introduced me to so many great people and yesterday they where out in force. Kudos to you all.
Those of you who have followed my blog know that I often use White Stripes songs as blog titles, this blog was very nearly called "I just don't know what to do with myself" (it's on elephant by the way) just for the fact that I really don't know what to do next. I know for the next few days I'll recover but after that who knows. But for the record, no half iron mans

Friday, June 17, 2011

When I hear my name

It's less than 48 hours until the start of the marathon(and less than 48 to the finish) and I've now reached the point where besides eating,drinking & sleeping I can do no more to prepare. I had a small run tonight, felt really good just turning the legs over. Now of course I start to wonder if I've done enough, but if I have or I haven't I can't change anything now.
One thing I can do is thank everyone who has pumped up my tires over the last 6 months, everybody who has posted a comment, pressed like on facebook or yelled at me from a passing car(though maybe the guys shouting the other day weren't really encouraging).
So I say thanks to everyone, I'll post again on Sunday night to let you know how I went, Tracy will also post on my facebook through the race(well that's the plan)
If you come down, don't forget to shout at the Fatboy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Better value than Usain Bolt

Chances are you have heard of Usain Bolt, the stupendously fast runner who can cover 100 meters in mere seconds. I am not nearly as fast as Usain Bolt, not even close. But there is one area where I think I've got Usain covered, and that is value for money. Allow me to explain, an Olympic games ticket to see the Mens 100 metre final must cost what $100? Maybe more, and that is of course if you could get one. All this for less than 10 seconds entertainment. Whatever you do, don't sneeze or answer your phone, you might miss it. Sure you'll see the worlds fastest man but only for a few fleeting seconds.
Or on the other hand you could come and watch me participate in the Perth Marathon, with my expected finish time of up to 6 hours there is no danger of sneezing and missing the event, it also represents $216,000 of Usain value(@$100 per 10 seconds). Sure it won't be raw speed but I will guarantee that there will be(almost) constant movement. Also, whether you are there to cheer or not, Usain wont notice, but if you cheer me on, I'll definitely notice. I may even wave.
So you see I am better value than Usain Bolt.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Final days

Yesterday was two weeks to go until the Perth Marathon. As part of my training I ran a half marathon distance. It was possibly one of the best learning experiences I could have had ahead of the actual event. Some of the things I learnt for certain are:
* it's time for new shoes
* 3 slices of toast isn't enough for a big run
* water fountains around the river are a little too far apart
* my iPhone battery is not up to marathon pace
* my wife is an awesome runner
* Don't eat Vietnamese meals the night before a big run.

So a couple of lessons to be taken out of it. Mainly, make sure my kit is right, nutrition is right and my pre race hydration is up to scratch.
A bit to do, but I think I can work it all out in time,time will tell