Sunday, February 5, 2012

Comeback time

Over 7 months have passed since the Perth Marathon, time goes quickly whether you have a goal or not it seems and here I am at the beginning of February deciding that it's more than time to get back into full training and it's been suggested by some full blogging again. So for those who've missed my Fatboy musings, here I am again, for those that haven't why have you read this far? Really.
So anyway what have I been up to since the marathon, in truth a fair amount of laurel resting has been done, I got a new tattoo reflecting my motto and a little(vey little) training. I've also put on some weight which annoys the hell out of me.
So what next, well about a month ago I posted that I was going to do an Olympic distance triathalon on the 18th of March, I've started training and I reckon I'll be right in time but it just isn't exciting me one bit. Swimming training has been nice, but not great. Running(what little I've done) has been ordinary. Riding has been fantastic, hard but so much fun.
Which is leading me to think, maybe 2012 should be the year of the wheel for this Fatboy, more ride Fatboy ride or even Allez Fatboy.
So what is the marathon equivalent on a bike? Good question, but I'll be looking to find out.Anyone who has any suggestions should let me know. I'm all ears.


  1. Your a bloody inspiration with what you're doing Clint. What was your defining moment that made you DO??? Lisa F

  2. Lisa, the first decision was a few years back now, and it was just to lose some weight. The other things came a bit later and it was more of a case of enjoying surprising myself with what could be done. Now I think it's just in me to keep pushing for silly things.

  3. big cycling races ... where to start? Check the cycling WA website for the race calendar prob good place. I think too late to get in to 3 or 5 dams this year but maybe goal for next? If you want to throw in some travel, some very good and challenging Audax rides in Victoria. Hilly though.

  4. Andrew, definitely want to improve my hill climbing. Simply because it's not something I'm naturally good at. The dams are a definite target, but too late this year as you say. Might also be time to hit the time trialling again.

  5. Do you want to do the Achievement Rides series with the Cycle Touring Association? They have a 50km, 100km, 160km, 200km, 300km ride, plus two rides called the 5000 in 4 and the 10000 in 8. You can try and do all of them in one year to qualify as a Super Achiever.
    I've managed just the 50, 100 and 5000 in 4 (which is Jeremy's favourite) which qualified me as Merit.

    I talked about the 100km here:

  6. Kelly, I definitely want to try the achievement rides, I think there right up my street. Also the opportunity to ride with Colin,Jez & yourself on these would be great. I'll check out the link, whens the next one.

  7. Good on ya, your blog is such an inspiration. Ive been playing with the idea to run but still hasn't even started!
    A nice Perth rider's blog is here: I'm sure you'll get heaps of info and tips there!