Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget

A few days have gone by since the City to Surf half, I've read a whole bunch of peoples run reports and have thought how much I needed to write mine. The thing that amazes me with each report that I read is how much recall people have of the whole race, where things hurt, where seconds where won and lost, where gels where consumed and what conversations where had and who with. I cast my mind back over my race and realise I'm exactly the same, the recall is almost GoPro like, so much so that I've spent a fair bit of the last 3 days rolling over the footage and looking for the missing 2 minutes that would have given me a PB. I've come to peace with the result and as such this will not be a race report however if I can give any aspiring distance runners one tip, it is this: DO NOT WALK DOWN HILLS. I was fiddling with my iPod chasing a tune to bring me home and suddenly realised I was walking downhill. I shall speak no more about this other than to say it has focussed my mind on the future and the next set of achievements. If there is one thing missing a PB will do it is drive you on to front back up and have another crack, if I had a dollar for every runner that's told me they have unfinished business with a course or distance I could give up my day job. And so it is I think I'm good enough to go a bit quicker, as such I'll be fronting up at the Freo half, an event that everybody I know seems to be doing despite it being universally friendless(please point me to any positive reviews of this event, I am yet to see one), the intention is to crack 2 hours and 30 minutes on this course. And if that doesn't happen I may well have a chance at redemption the following weekend in Busselton. Your possibly seeing a pattern here, that the fatboy wants to get to as many half's as possible and I can confirm that it is true, with the fitfans competition coming to an end, I'm looking at stacking the goals high in order to keep the focus that I've had. To keep me accountable here are some of my main goals for the next little while: 1. A 2 hour 30 minute half(this year) 2. A 2 hour half(within 12 months) 3. A 30 minute parkrun(ASAP) 4. A 60 minute 10k(this year) So that should keep me busy for the next little while, that and deflecting invitations to the 6 inch, not a chance people.

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