Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Pointy end

The approaching end of the AFL season also means that the fit fans competition will soon be ending too, in fact the official end is City to surf day on the 31st of August but in reality my final assessment is the 10th of September so thats the real end date for me. Which means I have a little over one month left to affect the result. A lot of people have asked along the way how I was going in relation to my competitors, the truth is I have no idea, aside from a few snippets on twitter, meeting a few of them at an AFL9's game earlier in the season and reading some profiles on the Eagles website I'm pretty much in the dark. Which is possibly a good thing, after all if I knew I was 10 goals down going into the last quarter I might fold and go down by 15, or conversely if I was 10 goals up I might be taking my foot of the gas. Of course at this point I should say something like: "That's not how I roll", but being totally honest with you, its exactly how I roll, so now you know. Don't judge me. So where does this leave me at the minute? Well first of all, nervous, have I done enough?, should I have gone harder earlier?, have I tried everything?, Can I still do more?, I even contemplated seeing the Doctor about prescription weight loss drugs. I soon came to my senses on that one, I want my achievement to be sustainable and based around my own hard work and that seemed a little too close to cheating. Given my attitudes about drugs in sport I know I've made the right choice. I've also been thinking about my possible reactions to the competitions results. If I win, well that's easy, I'll be super happy and packing for Melbourne. If I lose, that's a different thing altogether, I know I'll be disappointed,I'm a competitive person, it's natural and I've put a fair heap of work into it. But I have to be philosophical about this, the people I've met who are also doing the competition have all been really nice, and no doubt would all make deserving winners. So I have to force myself to focus on the positives, the weight loss, the improvement in my running,the clothes that now fit, the five months without a drink, and all the other little milestones that I've achieved along the way. I also really need to make sure that win or lose I keep going, faster runs, further runs and still lower weight. But I still really really want to win, so this next month could well be the most intense of all. Watch the Fatboy Run.