Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do you know my name?

So before you know it 7 weeks have gone by and there has been no update by the fatboy, well I'm pleased to report that I am still alive and still knocking out the odd run. Things still proceed and thoughts and ideas belt around by head like particles in a Hadron collider, as usual none of them make the page, but I've thought of a way to make some improvement in that area. The decision to run a marathon has started to crystallise into a plan, a plan that gets wilder by the day as I keep thinking, Why Not? As nobody has said it's not possible I'll assume that it is possible, if anyone says it's not possible then that probably means I'll do it just to be contrary. That's how it goes. So I guess it's happening regardless. So what's the plan? Well, first up, it's back to Bunbury in April for the 3 waters Marathon. This event seems so special in so many ways, firstly this year it was the first 10k I'd run in about 3 years, secondly it felt like a dawn of something special in parkrun, so many people came down for that event that it felt like parkrun on steroids. Now here's where the plan gets a bit ambitious, assuming I recover from Bunbury and still like to run(both a bit iffy given my first marathon effort) I'll run the Perth Marathon. I don't need to tell you how special this event is to me, and I'm sure it's pretty special to a lot of others. The hometown marathon, running along the river, it doesn't get much better, or does it? Of course there is one more iconic event, about the end of August, the City to Surf, an event that I can't really work out my feelings about. On one hand I hated the 12km but loved the half, regardless of the feelings about the runs they have been two of my proudest finishes, so assuming the first two don't put me off or kill me I'll be having a crack at 42.2 in August, also the medals are the size of dinner plates and I love my bling. Well there it is, the fatboys ambitious plan to run 3 marathons in a calendar year,it seems like a big task, but I'm inspired by the Tony Smith's and Ben Harris's of my world who are doing this and more, I know I'm not in their league, not even close, but I'm still inspired by their example of hard work and consistent efforts. I hope I can be even 25% of the runners that they are, that should cover it. While I plan to up the distance in 2015, I also plan to up the communication. It's been suggested to me that a Facebook page would be useful, and I think it might, with an opportunity to throw out some of the smaller random, daily thoughts that come through my mind. Before I start a Facebook page though, I need to sort out the name of this blog(and probably the facebook page), although Run Fatboy Run has served me well, I'm not sure it represents me accurately anymore, don't get me wrong I'm still fat, but I'm thinking there's a bit more to it, something else to be talked about. I still want to tell my story, I want to inspire others to lace up and go, and I definitely want to keep sharing. I just feel it needs something new name wise, suggestions are welcome as I have absolutely no idea. If anyone can find a way to make a White Stripes song fit with the name that's double points. GO.