Monday, January 24, 2011

Try Try Again

Wasn't happy with falling 50 metres short of 5km on Saturday, nor with my GPS not measuring while on the run so I had another crack this evening with a slight detour to get the extra 50 metres and a bit of testing on the GPS. Success on both counts 5.11km all fully tracked and under 40 minutes. Even got a pep talk from Lance Armstrong at the end, no offer of drugs though. Time now to start cranking the distance, 10 plus k's on Australia day followed by something similar on the weekend. Can't wait.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missed by that much

Ran today with my new shoes and had another crack at working out the Nike GPS, unfortunately I didn't figure it out to till the end of my run.When I checked out the distances on line I found out that I had run 4.95km, missing the 5km mark by 50m. DOH, never mind another chance will come at tommorows Matilda Bay run.Pleased to report the new shoes where fantastic.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Shoes

Today, Tracy and I went to Runners world and got some new shoes. Just going to a shop called Runners world made me feel like a runner. I even took my old running shows so they could check wear patterns. I was really worried that the lady would take one look at my shoes, conclude that I run like a spastic and kick me to KMart for some KT26's, but she was really encouraging and let us try on heaps of pairs till we found the right ones.
Of course the downside to having new shoes is one less excuse to run further and faster. I haven't tested them on the road yet, but after work tommorow, watch out for the Fatboy pounding the mean streets of Lathlain.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Training Day

This afternoon I went down to a training session at the marathon club, effectively this is a matter of going for a run with a bunch of people over a set course. For me this basically involved running on my own as I couldn't keep up with the group I went out with. No matter to me though as I quite enjoy the solitude of a run. Completed 6.5 km in about 48 minutes so I was pretty happy with my ru, less happy with my new GPS program on my iPhone which didn't record any distance, further testing required I think.
Rest day tommorow(and hopefully a new pair of shoes) then back to it on Friday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turning Point?

Tonight was the first time I've run for a while where it all actually felt pretty good, I did 4.5km around the streets of my neighbourhood and just felt right. Still not fast, but with energy to burn, I went back down my hill twice more just to run up it again. I'd like to think this is maybe a turning point, when the endorphins kick in and running becomes that addictive must do it again soon thing. I think I had that feeling when I was doing my city to surf training, and fingers crossed here it comes again.
Training with the marathon club tommorrow night, as the Violent Femmes sung: Good feeling, won't you stay with me just a little longer.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Event Number 2: Twilight Run

Another Sunday, and another marathon club event. This time a twilight run starting at 6pm and running along the river near Burswood Golf Course. Finished my five kilometres in just under 42 minutes so it would appear I'm getting slower, but once again no excuses(I'm tempted to blog a list of excuses).
Once again though the moral of the story is more running to be done.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a sign

After a massively long work day yesterday, I crawled into bed to watch a bit of telly before drifting off. Flicking through the channels I noticed the film, Run Fatboy Run was on. Despite nicking the title for my blog, I've never actually seen this film. Sad to see I haven't seen much more of it, because i fell asleep fairly quickly. Well I'm taking it as a sign that its meant to be, and I'm off to the shops to get the DVD.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Running Tracks

Last night I stupidly left my iPhone in the car and as a result this morning, had no music on my run.It didn't go so bad(other than having to listen to my own heavy breathing)but it got me thinking of my favorite tracks to run to. I've created a top 10 but I'd like anyone who has a favorite to pop it into the comments, after all with all the running I'm going to be doing I reckon I'm gonna need a whole bunch of songs.
1. Seven Nation Army-The White Stripes: This is at the top for some pretty simple reasons, a killer riff, driving beat and the lyric"A Seven Nation Army couldn't hold me back", nuff said really.There's also a bunch of other White Stripes tunes that I like running to, Black Math, Fell in Love with a girl, Blue Orchid.
2.Broken Bones-Birds of Tokyo: Like Seven Nation Army, the lyrics make this a fantastic running track but it needs to come on when your on struggle street. Should be a Metallica song though and done real heavy.
3.In my arms-Mylo: There's a bunch of Mylo tunes that could make the cut but I choose this one because it was recomended in Women's Health(Tracy's copy, I swear) and it's great for settling into a steady rythym.
4.Ragoo-Kings of Leon: This was originally in my run play list as the first track when I started training for the city to surf, and has never been out since. Can't explain why it works for me, just does.
5.Fucking in the Bushes-Oasis:This is a good song in it's own right mainly because it doesn't sound much like an Oasis tune, once again driving beats and a pretty decent riff.
6.Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen:OK I know this is super cliched or maybe just a bd pun, but for me the song works as a running track, small confession though, I have a live version recorded by Something for Kate that I prefer to listen to when I'm running, just guitar & vocals. And by the way if you saaw me running, definitely not Born to Run.
7.Something Good-Utah Saints: something about this song makes we want to run along with my hands in the air, maybe it's the shouting of the bands name all through the intro, gotta love the ego of giving yourself a shout out in your own song. So far I've resisted the temptation to wave my hands in the air like I just don't care. In case your wondering 92 version, not the 08 remix. And in case you thought I didn't know, it's a Kate Bush sample. There I've said it I listen to Kate Bush(sort of)
8.Little Lion Man-Mumford & Sons:Starts quite slow and builds, so once again fairly good as a pick me up track. Bit of gratioutous swearing never goes astray when your running on struggle street either.
9.White Trash-Professor Ratbaggy: Pretty much instrumental track by one of Paul Kelly's side projects, mainly just a great riff. Not too much to think about.
10.Start Me Up-The Rolling Stones: Certainly not the Stones best song but good as a track one(you guessed it)

Best Interval track: My mate Karl reckons Store Bought Bones by the Racounteours, I'll have to take his word for it because I barely ever run intervals, but it's a top track.

Best Warm Down track: I can't go past Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, dunno why, but it's a song that slows me down every time.

So there it is, I've bared my musical soul and let the world know about my favourite running tracks, well now I want to hear about yours, post them in the comments and give us a reason.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Event number one

Today was my first event with the WA marathon club, an enthusiastic bunch of runners who organize runs pretty much weekly, all year round.
5 kilometers seemed like a bit of a doddle on paper and I've ran the distance before so I thought I'd be pretty good to do it in about 35 minutes. Well I could post a bunch of reasons as to why I didn't do it in 35 but the truth is I just need to do more work, 40 minutes for me.
That said everybody was super encouraging and I didn't finish last. Tracy ran really well too, so maybe she should be doing the marathon.

Welcome to Run Fatboy Run

Recently I decided that running a marathon might be a good idea, How exactly I came to this decision is not clear even to me but a decision has been made. It's not the first time that I've decided to do something that appeared to be a bit of a stretch, I've been on long bike rides, done triathlons and last year ran the city to surf. No big deal for most people really, so this is not a blog to say how good I am, no this is about keeping me accountable to my goals. I started my journey from sloth to marathon man 4 years ago when my wife suggested join a gym and get a bit more active. On my first visit to the gym I weighed 170kgs and could barely keep up with the treadmill. 4 years later I've lost 40 kilos, but I've still got a long way to go.
So here I am, still looking to lose some weight, and also wanting to take on distance runnings ultimate challenge. Join me on the journey as I work up to the Perth Marathon on the 19/6/2011. Leave your comments, encouraging or not, and if you see me running the streets don't forget to shout Run Fatboy Run.