Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Measuring Progress

I had a run on Sunday that turned into possibly the toughest I'd ever done, why so? Well for starters I forgot something I've learned on the bike many times: know where the wind is. It's all very well feeling like your flying along and all courtesy of your powerful legs,lungs & heart only to turn around and find it was all courtesy of a howling easterly and now you have to get the head down and pedal home. And so it went on Sunday, I ran from home down to East Perth and headed round the river, I still felt pretty good by the time I passed the belltower and it was decision time, I'd already passed half way on my 15kms, should I turn back and head for home or should I carry on and go round the south Perth side of the river. Feeling good and fast I decided to carry on, I had another opportunity to stop at the 9k mark but decided to push on again.
Once I had crossed the narrows I realized just how much help the wind had been giving me and within a few minutes I knew it was not going to help me any more today.
So for the 8km going home I must have looked like the fat guy who bit off more than he could chew and was struggling to run, lots of stopping to walk.
All up it was a good lesson, but a little depressing because I'd arrived home completely smashed, and feeling like I'd made no progress at all.
That was when Tracy told me to remember the times when I wouldn't walk at all, not even around the block. So sometimes when you feel like your not making progress you have to look back a little further, just to see how far you've come.