Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Running Long

As most people know, tomorrow is my final assessment for fitfans, the end of a long journey that I am certain has changed me physically and mentally. Physically I've lost about 25 kilos, reached a level of fitness that has me running regular half marathons and have shaved about 5 minutes off my parkrun PB. I've also not had a drink in almost 6 months, avoided fast food and a range of other salty fatty snacks. In short I've maintained focus over 23 weeks at a level I didn't believe was possible. I know tomorrow there will be a slight relief that it's over but I'm also bracing for the disappointment that comes form finishing any event, the feeling of what's next? I also have an overwhelming concern that a couple of days of relaxing the intensity will turn into a few weeks and my good work will be undone. So I have a three pronged approach to this, firstly to give myself a lighter more relaxing week staring tomorrow, secondly to ask all of my friends to keep me accountable, to pull me up if they think I'm not trying hard enough, not striving for the best I can do, not pushing myself as if a trip to the grand final was on the line. I can handle it, I'm a big boy, so feel free to give me a tap if I get out of line. And the third thing is to replace this long term project with another one, it's time to train for another marathon. So on top of the goals I put up here last week there is another one, to finish another marathon, this time in under 5 and a half hours. I haven't decided yet whether to aim for Bunbury or to go for Perth, either way that's the rough timing. As always you'll hear about how I go tomorrow, and I'll keep you posted on the progress of my new goals. Don't feel bad for me if I don't win the trip, I'm very happy with what I have achieved.

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