Friday, April 13, 2018

Running off at the mouth...

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog, and it's quite hard to know if it's still the right blog for me.

I started out using this blog to keep myself accountable to run a marathon, then to lose some weight and then to run some more marathons.

Well in a long time since my last post I've done all of that, and also had some times when I haven't been doing any of that.  I still want to blog, but I want to blog about so much more. More than my running, more than my weight, more about what it means to be me.

Most of it will possibly turn out being self reflecting garbage, the ramblings of a middle aged man or perhaps it could be worth reading. I know it will be important for me to write, but whether anyone gets any value out of it, who knows. Neither Facebook nor twitter seem to be the medium to express myself, and we all know I don't have a face for instagram or you tube. I've definitely got the face for a podcast.

Watch this space

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